Phifer Screen

Phifer Screen is a manufacturer of many kinds of screens, including solar screen and tuff screen. If you are interested in those please give us a call (239)250-3828 or visit Phifer’s website. The screens we typically use in pool cage and screen enclosure applications is the Fiberglass screen below. The fiberglass screen generally lasts 7-10 per the manufacturer, in my experience it’s more like 12-15 years. With that being said, the competing manufacturer’s fiberglass screens last 3-5 years at best! The Fiberglass screen comes in the following sizes and uses:

Standard: 18×14 Fiberglass mesh – This is the standard mesh size used in most standard designed pool enclosures, lanais and front entryways.

No-see-um: 20×20 Fiberglass mesh – This screen has a small knit weave which keeps out the small bugs such as no-see-ums, sand flys, gnats, etc. 20×20 screen is also small enough to keep out pine needles on the roof of your screen enclosure!

Privacy Screen / Glas-Shield / Florida Glass – This is the 18×14 screen with a vinyl laminate on it. This solid material does not let air or dirt pass through. This is not a durable product to be used around children and pets, also not recommended to use as roof panels (absolutely nothing horizontal). The vinyl typically lasts from 1 – 5 years